July 11, 2010


- by user, hynzerelli


  1. First of all, I very much like the logic that "if I like these Jewish movie stars sometimes, I'm not a racist fuck-face". That coupled with the fact that this person is writing this review without having seen the movie (thus judging it "pre-" watching it) based on the looks and race of the actors, certainly does not make this person prejudiced at all.

    No Sirree Robert!!!
    Justice McSoLongAsRobertIsn'tADirtyHeebMonster

  2. hey u rat MFer put your yarmulke on there u f*ckboy.look I can't stand any of these heeb laden so-called comedies of late.Obviously these smucks are related to some jew high up in the Hollywood ranks because this sh*t is NOT FUNNYits extremely STUPID.Throw will ferrel in there too> Except for Wedding Crashers & the break up & the Indian guys in 40 year old virgin( that was it) I haven't seen one decent comedy in years

  3. Justice,
    Although your point is still valid, Judaism is not a race.