July 18, 2010

Mystery rating

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- by user, ohy 1406409

All that I can reason is that he/she meant "breast cleavage," which is a hopelessly stupid thing to say, but... still better than utter nonsense. As it is... beast cleave.

Thats Korean

- by user, fzh 65880

Is that what happens?

- by previously-revealed-to-be-private user, Coney

Nope, we aren't interested.

choleflashback juilanne moore.

- by user DJP 1877663


- by user, kpt 1029548

I could make fun of his/her reviews (all of which are, content-wise, comparable to this one) for hours, but that wouldn't change the fact that... Yeah, I am in complete agreement. If you flat-out hate Wayne's World, you're probably a loser. Yea.

Ford's a Ford!

- by user, ObeWan

I had see I seen

- by user DJP 1877663

I have come to trust DJP 1877663's judgement and will politely pass on this film.

Beware the Kides of March

- by user, qvt 250709

Four stars to Pluto Nash.
I'm ok with this.