July 15, 2010

By LM 269101, Grade 6

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In the end, it was the best summer ever.

novato old man

So, this Novato old man has about 3,000 reviews. 3,000. He's averaged 2 reviews a day for the past 4 years. Also, 600 lists, 2,800 friends and faves, and 23,000 ratings.

Instead of looking through his 3,000 reviews, I just grabbed this from the Mission: Impossible III page. Sorry.
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Drug things

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I'd argue that being hearing impaired would significantly aid one's enjoyment of Moulin Rouge.

No I wasn't

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That first line, damn.

- by user, qsq 217499, who previously (link) argued for our right to view "scary and bloody" movies in the face of opposition consisting of... nobody in particular.

Peeling off

- by user DJP 1877663

Oh, DJP 1877663, you're incorrigible!

The man knows what he wants, ok?

- by Remarkable Netflix User Review's resident lesbian porn expert, user DJP 1877663