July 13, 2010


- by user, qkv 1044275


- a review of "Conan the Destroyer" by user, "Seer," who, sadly, does not allow other users to view his/her profile and reviews.

Both reviews submitted by Alex V.

Flakiness Defined


- both by user, JN 1007616

Thanks to Chris for the submission!

I'd attend his lecture

- by user, Profesor Badass

Defending our rights.

(You may need to click on the image of the review to view the text at a more-readable size.)- by qsq 217499

Speaking in Tongues.

- by user LA.

Man, I hate stuff written by people who can't even speak in tongues.

Buy the CD

- by pbh 1337449

Jerking off to some zombie music

- by user, vvt 879590

I wish this user had more reviews, but all that's there is his/her message: "Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will."

More Good Vs. Evil


- both by user, ArchieBunker#1