July 20, 2010

Not Christian Bale.

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Let's just say ........

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Submitted by Alex V.

Ceci n'est pas une revue.

- by user, pbg 519730

The other reviews state hilarious.

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- both by user, JB 1693751

All submitted by Alex V.


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Good and evil, further explored

- by user, WB 1252438

Ménage à trois

Good ol' DJP had an eventful weekend of viewing various fine films and I figured it a crime to withhold from you his expert musings on their worth.


- by perplexed user, eqm 1523008

Now THIS is zombie racing!

- by user, mhx 1120929

Not to be believed.

- by user, ovv 1529802

This fictional film ripoff of the equally fictional "Paranormal Activity" is not to be believed, ok? I mean, come on! Since when DOES an entity leave a physical trail??