July 12, 2010

Totally slimed.

All possible commentary aside, I think that what matters most about this review is...
"Bare breasts and back side nudity."
"Bare breasts and back side nudity."


Upon reading this review, I promptly removed "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure" from my queue. Why even bother if I'm not even going to see some offensive, immodest and inappropriate behavior? I want to get slimed, dammit!

Beyond your imagination.

- by FOT 1421494

Evil Vs. Good


- both by user, ArchieBunker#1

I don't know. I hate him so much and he really scares me, but there are times when he's completely brilliant.

naked 3 stars

- by DJP 1877663

This is getting to be concerning, DJP 1877663.

Wear little shorts.

- by blog-favorite user DJP 1877663

The iciest villain well done.

- By user, VQP 382841